Zachari Swiecki

I am an education researcher who focuses on collaboration analytics: novel analytic techniques for collaborative contexts and their impact on teaching, learning, and research. My work combines the learning sciences, learning analytics, and human-computer interaction.

Visualizing Team Performance

A novel interface for visualizing team processes and performance

Themes of Thrones

A thematic network analysis of HBO’s Game of Thrones

Epistemic Network Analysis

A network technique for modeling collaboration and complex thinking

Does order matter? Investigating sequential and cotemporal models of collaboration

In the Proceedings of the 13th international conference on computer-supported collaborative learning (cscl) 2019

Finalist for the Naomi Miyake Best Student Paper Award


Monash University
Faculty of IT
29 Ancora Imparo Way
Clayton Campus
Wellington Road
Clayton VIC 3800

Email | zach.swiecki@monash.edu