Visualizing Team Performance

A novel interface for relaying information about team processes and performance to educators in real-time. For more information see Swiecki, Ruis, and Shaffer (2019).

Themes of Thrones

Explore the thematic networks of your favorite characters from HBO’s Game of Thrones using this interactive web-tool powered by epistemic network analysis.

Epistemic Network Analysis

ENA is a technique for modeling the connections between the ideas and skills that characterize collaboration and complex thinking.


nCoder is tool for developing, validating, and implementing natural-language based classifiers.

Virtual Internships

Virtual internships are immersive simulations that help young people learn to act and think like professionals in complex domains like mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and urban planning.

Virtual Internship Authoring

The Virtual Internship Authoring tool (VIA) allows educators to design or customize immersive simulations of professional practices for their classrooms.

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